Winters in SW France at Studio Preniac


We are often asked by guests on one of our Studio Préniac activity or Gite holidays, as to “what are the winters like in SW France”?

Where we live, the climate may be thought of as typical of a continental climate, with hot summers, often reaching the high 30′s centigrade and cold winters.

The first 2 or 3 winters at Studio Préniac were very mild, although on one or two days the temperature dropped to around -10 deg c, with lots of  ‘hoar frost’, however, the skies were clear and sunny during the day and is generally referred to as a ‘dry cold’.


However, over the last 3-4 years we have experienced, as many others throughout Europe also, much colder temperatures and quite substantial amounts of snow.

With the snow there have been some very cold snaps with the temperature dropping to around -19deg c for 7-10 days at a time a couple of years ago, causing water pipes to freeze then subsequently burst on thawing out, causing quite a bit of damage.

When everything is covered in snow, the whole area looks so completely different from the fields of sunflowers and vineyards of summer, to resemble scenery more reminiscent of an alpine landscape.

We just enjoy taking long walks with the family at Christmas and tobogganing down the hill towards the lake when the snow is thick enough.


Quite often also, we are unable to get out as the snow is too deep and just sit around the wood burner in the lounge with a warm mince pie and glass of wine.