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Vines along the Lot river

Cahors AOC Wine Tour:

Join us at Studio Préniac for a 7 night fully catered, guided tour of the Cahors wines of the Lot Valley.

During the week we will visit 6 domains, where we will enjoy an informative talk, wine tasting and lunch.

Cahors belongs to the Quercy region, a part of France considered by National Geographic and many others to be one of the worlds ‘unspoiled and undiscovered earthly paradises’

The countryside is breathtakingly beautiful, sometimes wild as the rivers tumble through chestnut woods, or sometimes gentle and pastoral as they water walnut plantations, strawberry fields and plum orchards of the valleys further west.

The limestone plateaux (Causses) above the Lot are an important centre of truffle production.

Upper Lot Valley Limestone Plateau (Causses)

The local cuisine is equally famous, for here you find confits and magrets of duck, the decadent cheesy potato dish enriched by cream and garlic called aligot, an inexhaustible range of charcuterie, pâtés and, of course, the famous foie gras.

The vineyards are on or close to the roads taken by pilgrims in the Middle Ages to St-Jacques de Compostelle, and historians believe that these rare grape varieties were perhaps brought back from Spain by the pilgrims as they stopped off for refreshment, rest and worship at the medieval abbey churches such as Conques.

Lot Valley Vineyard Vineyard along St Jacques de Compostelle

The grape harvest or "Vendanges", traditionally takes place in September, but it often starts in August and sometimes ends as late as October.

Domaine du Garinet-Vendange Domaine du Garinet-Vendange

The dominant grape variety in AOC Cahors wines is Malbec, which must make up a minimum of 70% of the wine. Malbec is known locally as “Côt”, “Côt Noir” or “Auxerrois”. It is suplemented by up to 30% Merlot and Tannat.

Malbec originates from France and has been grown for over 800 years with some 4,200 hectares (10,000 acres) of Cahors vineyards still in production.

What's Not Included:

Cost of Flights - Bergerac Airport can be reached from a number of UK destinations, using budget airlines:

We do provide a free pickup and return from Bergerac airport:

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One evening or lunchtime meal taken at a local restaurant or auberge - payable locally (approximately 20 euros)

Lunch in Cahors